Temperature rangeTEMPERATURE RANGE:+60 -70 С°


Buoyancy of the pontoonBUOYANCY OF THE PONTOON:376 kg/m2




Floating bathhouse

Floating base of plastic pontoons for the construction of a bathhouse.

Mytishchi, 2021

Bridge for concrete pump

Technological prefabricated bridge for a concrete pump.

Novosibirsk, 2021

Floating berth for PSS Kozhukhovo

Modernization of the floating berth for the PSS "Kozhukhovo" with the production of flooring and canopy.

Moscow, 2021

Pier for swimming on the sea

The pier is made of plastic pontoons specially designed for use at sea.

Crimea, 2020

Floating bridge at the Elizabethan procession

The Elizabethan procession is the only one in Russia that is performed by crossing the river on a pontoon bridge and on rafts.

Village Of Ilyinskoye, 2020

Floating berths for yacht clubs

Berths for sailing and water-motor sports

Stavropol territory, 2020

Platform for installing the anchors

The technical platform of the pontoons, installation of anchors

Leningrad region, 2020

Floating pier on the sea

Berth on the sea for comfortable swimming and mooring boats

Crimea, 2020

Private jetty with decking

Private jetty for comfortable rest and fishing

Leningrad region, 2020

Floating mooring complex

Berthing complex with dry dock for hovercraft and dry dock for jet ski

Tver region, 2020

Children's pool on the lake

Floating fence for safe swimming of children on the lake

Pskov region, 2020

Floating berth for swimming

Berth for comfortable swimming with stairs

Samara region, 2020

A path for comfortable swimming

A path made of plastic pontoons for comfortable swimming

Moscow region, 2020

Boat dock

Mooring made of plastic pontoons for boats

Astrakhan region, 2020

A pier for boats and boats

Equipped berth made of plastic pontoons for boats

Yaroslavl region, 2020

Berth with dry dock for boats

Berth made of plastic pontoons for boats and boats

Leningrad region, 2020

Berth of pontoons for swimming

Private jetty for swimming

Leningrad region, 2020

Artificial ice floe from pontoons

Artificial ice floe from pontoons for polar bear

Krasnoyarsk, 2020

Single dry dock for jet skis

Dry dock made of polymer pontoons

Novosibirsk, 2020

Construction of a rescue station

Berthing complex with the polymer deck boards

Moscow, 2020

Berth for boats and jet skis

Private jetty on the Bank of the Mozhaisk reservoir

Mozhaisk reservoir, 2020

Eco-friendly berth for swimming

Berth for comfortable swimming in the Zavidovo National Park

Zavidovo Nature Reserve, 2020

Private jetty for recreation

Berth with decking for a comfortable descent into the water

Pushkinsky district, 2020

Pier for fishing and swimming

Private jetty for fishing and recreation

Leningrad region, 2020

Jetty with dry dock for jet skis

Berth and dry dock made of plastic pontoons

Moscow, 2020

Berth for recreation and swimming

Private pier for swimming with a recreation area in the Leningrad region

Luzhsky district, 2020

Private jetty made of plastic pontoons

Private jetty for a boat in Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Kazakhstan, 2020

Dry dock for the hovercraft khivus type

Dry dock for PSS "Kuzminki" in the waters of the river Corelia

Moscow, 2020

Floating technical bridge

Pontoon bridge for vehicles measuring 10x40 meters

Moscow, 2020

Floating drilling platform

Floating platform for drilling rig 14x8m.

Moscow, 2020

Circle of light 2019

On September 22, the international Circle of light festival reopened on the Rowing canal in Moscow. This platform on pontoons became a place of the beginning of grandiose show

Moscow, 2019

Floating bath

Bath complex on the Magic Float pontoons

Azerbaijan, 2019

Rowing school

Wharf for rowing school

Voronezh, 2019

Bridge to the Elizabethan procession

September 15 in the suburbs was the Elizabethan procession, one of the most unusual route.

Village Of Ilyinskoye, 2019

Private mooring complex

Mooring for boats with a canopy, with a dry dock and a Seating area for swimming.

Tver, 2019

The floating Museum of Qatar

The floating multimedia Museum Qatar Elements has opened in Gorky Park.

Moscow, 2018

Renting a floating stage

Floating stage at Lake Music Festival

Solnechnogorsk, 2019

Exhibition Moscow Yacht Show

Exhibition of yachts and boats on the water Moscow Yacht Show 2019

Moscow, 2019

Dry dock for the hovercraft

Quick-Assembly and mobile dry dock made of plastic pontoons, for hovercrafts

Krasnoyarsk, 2019

Floating bridge in winter

Temporary floating bridge for construction machinery

Karelia, 2019

Installation site for the festival Circle of Light

Assembly and installation of pontoon structure

Moscow, 2018

Festival Circle of Light on the rowing channel

Rent pontoons for the Circle of Light festival

Moscow, 2018

Pedestrian bridge on the Procession

In the suburbs was the seventh Elizabethan procession.

Village Of Ilyinskoye, 2018

The Marina at the Yacht Club Hercules

Berth for mooring yachts in the Yacht Club Hercules

St. Petersburg, 2018

Berth in the Monastery

Berth of plastic pontoons for the monastery on the island of Maly Kolgostrov

Karelia, 2018

Dry dock for jet skis

Private dry dock for jet skis made of plastic pontoons

Gelendzhik, 2018

Dry dock for jet skis from plastic pontoons

Private dry dock for personal watercraft from plastic pontoons

Troitsk, 2018

Berth for boats

Berth of plastic pontoons for boats

St. Petersburg, 2018

Mooring for catamarans on the sea

Berth on the sea for small businesses, designed for rental catamarans.

Alushta, 2018

Berths for children's camp "Artek"

From this summer, The children's marine Flotilla of Artek will work on new modern floating berths assembled from plastic Magic Float pontoons.

Gurzuf, 2018

The jetty for swimming and mooring a boat

In the Tver region, there is a pier for comfortable rest on the water, with a stainless ladder for launching into the water and a place for mooring the boat.

Tver region, 2018

Pier of pontoons on the black sea

Private jetty of plastic pontoons Magic Float on the shore of the black sea Bay Sudak-Liman.

Crimea, 2018

Floating flower bed

The floating base made of plastic pontoons for floating production beds.

Kazan, 2018

Floating football field for the world Cup

The creation of a floating football field, especially for the opening ceremony of the world Cup.

Moscow, 2018

Pier of pontoons on the sea

Mooring of plastic pontoons Magic Float, installed on the sea for Harp Park Hotel in Adler.

Adler, 2018

Concert of the Bolshoi Theatre on a floating stage

On June 23, Dobrograd will host a concert of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia, which will be a unique event in the field of culture and will gather more than 4,000 spectators in the stands.

Carpets, 2018

Rental of pontoons for the stage on the water

Rent pontoons to create a floating scene in the cottage village of Luzhki.club

Istra district, 2018

A large floating stage in Dobrograd

On a floating stage summer theatre in Dobrograd made international stars of classical music. Especially for the festival, the stage on the lake was expanded twice. Now it can comfortably accommodate more than eighty musicians at the same time.

Kovrov, 2018

Rent pontoons scene on the water

Rent pontoons for the floating stage at the forum "Environment for life" in Kaliningrad.

Kaliningrad, 2018

Scene on water Dobrograd

In the Vladimir region opened a summer music venue on the water

Dobrograd, 2017

Berth for mooring boats

Suitable for mooring of pleasure boats and boats

Kirzhach, 2017

Installation of the motor to the pontoon

Installation of the motor on a floating platform

St. Petersburg, 2017

Increase of existing berth

Installing Magic Float pontoons to third-party modules

Orsk, 2017

Drilling rig site

Floating platform for drilling rig for exploration at " Ryazan refinery"

Ryazan, 2017

Rent pontoons For the festival Circle of light 2017

Pontoons for the international Festival "Circle of Light 2017" in Ostankino

Moscow, 2017

Mooring for boats in the cottage

Berth for KP " Admiral"

The Ikshinskoe reservoir, 2017


Renting a pontoon ramp for Captain Morgan's ship, which will dock at pirate Harbor on FACES&LACES August 12-13.

Moscow, 2017

Berth for Hivus

Berth for sue " Vodokanal of St. Petersburg"

St. Petersburg, 2017

Installation of berth for Hivus

Berth made of plastic pontoons for boats of the Hivus type

St. Petersburg, 2017

Pedestrian bridge rental

Rent a pontoon bridge for the Golden Ring Ultra Trail cross-country Trail race.

Suzdal, 2017

The village of forest glade

Swimming area. Size 3 x 4m.

Korolev, 2017

Art estate of veretevo

Recreation area with a ladder to descend into the water. Size: 3 x 10m.

Taldom, 2017

Private jetty for swimming

T-shaped pier with ladder for descent into the water. Size 8 x 1m.

Tver region, 2017

Bathing pier

Private jetty for swimming

Konakovsky district, 2017

Jetty for jet skis

Private jetty for jet ski Parking

Tver region, 2017

Private jetty

Equipped recreation area and boat Parking in Astrakhan

Astrakhan, 2017

Floating stage MEADOWS.club

Rent pontoons to create a floating scene in the holiday home LUZHKI.club, the Grand opening of the summer season took place on June 10!

Istra district, 2017

Green theatre at VDNKH. The scene on the water

Rent pontoons for a unique stage complex in the open air “Green theatre at VDNKH. The scene on the water” will become a new concert venue with exquisite music.

Moscow, 2017

Hotel Expo 2016

Exhibition "hotel Expo 2016" in Crocus city. Recreation and dining area

Crocus City, 2016

Floating Boathouse

Floating boathouse with lift assembled on Magic Float pontoons

Vologda region, 2017

Circle Of Light 2016

Floating platforms for the event "Circle of Light 2016". Moscow, Rowing canal 2016.

Moscow, 2016

Sheet pile driving platform

Floating platform for hammering tongue in hard-to-reach places

Lukhovitsy, 2016

Pier for boats And boats manor Surname

Mooring for catamarans and boats in the restaurant and hotel complex

Krasnodar region, 2016

Berths at the festival Russian field 2016

Floating berths in Tsaritsyno Park, specially for the festival Russian field

Moscow, 2016

Berth for the beach complex

The pier at the beach complex "Salair pools" for swimming

Kuzbass, 2016

Private jetty for boat

Private jetty on the sea for mooring boats

Crimea, 2016

Magic Float plastic pontoons

Video about projects implemented from polymer pontoons Magic Float

Russia, 2016

Private jetty in Konakovo

Private jetty for mooring and relaxing on the water

Tver region, 2016

Berth for boats in Silver forest

Private jetty for boat mooring

Moscow, 2016

Mooring for catamarans in Imereti port

Floating berths for catamarans in Imereti port

Sochi, 2016

Berth for FAA CMTO FPS

Training berth for the Ministry of emergency situations in the center of Logistics of the Federal fire service

St. Petersburg, 2016

Platform for drilling in water

Special floating platform for drilling on water

Vladimir region, 2016

Berth for pleasure boat

Berth of plastic pontoons on the sea for pleasure boats

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 2016

Dock at the house with a dry dock

Private pier with dry dock at the floating village

Novosibirsk, 2016

Floating recreation area with summer cafe

Floating recreation complex with summer cafe

Nizhny Novgorod, 2016

Area for drilling

Special floating platform for drilling on water

Vladimir region, 2016

Dry dock for boat

The pier of the dry dock of a modular plastic pontoons

World experience

Football field on the water

Floating football field on the water

world experience

Dry dock for hovercraft

Floating dry dock for boats of the type khivus hovercraft

St. Petersburg, 2015

International festival Circle of Light

Playground equipment at the festival Circle of light Rowing channel.

Moscow, 2015

Berth for sailing ships

Novorossiysk, Tsemes Bay, the jetty for the sailing regatta

Novorossiysk, 2014

Floating recreation area

Floating recreation area on the water in Nizhny Novgorod, with a summer cafe.

Nizhny Novgorod, 2015

Floating platform for helicopter landing

Floating platform for helicopter landing at the fair " Water world"

Dolgoprudny, 2015

Dry docks for jet ski

Platform with dry docks for jet skis

Moscow region, 2015

Floating recreation area

Floating recreation area on the water in Nizhny Novgorod, with a summer cafe.

Nizhny Novgorod, 2015

Floating scene on the Patriarch's ponds

Floating stage for the TV channel "Moscow 24" on the city day

Moscow, 2015

Features a dock for lifeguards

Berth for rescuers in Kolpino

St. Petersburg, 2015

Private boat dock and dry dock

Private moorings that are installed on the Moscow river

Moscow, 2015

The pier of the dry dock

Private jetty with dry dock

Nizhny Novgorod region, 2015

Platform for recreation on the water

Private floating platform for water recreation

Perm region, 2015

Children's pool

Swimming pool made of plastic pontoons with a bottom for safe bathing of children

Tula region, 2015

Mooring rescuers Emercom

Mooring for emergency rescue station

St. Petersburg, 2015

Berth in the cottage

Berth for comfortable swimming on the lake in a private cottage village " Dacha Alliance"

Tula region, 2015

Ski resort "Rosa Khutor"

Floating beach for entertainment on the water in Imereti Bay " Rosa Khutor"

Sochi, 2015

Beach in the cottage village " Quiet coast»

Equipped beach for swimming in the cottage village " Quiet coast"

Ramensky district, 2015

Pier in the cottage village "High beach"

Private mooring complex in the cottage village

Istra district, 2015

Dry dock for standing jet ski

Dry dock of plastic pontoons for standing jet ski

Moscow, 2015

Swimming area in Radisson

Floating swimming area on the beach of the Radisson Hotel

Sochi, 2015

Track for a comfortable descent to the water

Private floating path for a comfortable descent into the water

Tver, 2015

Platform to perform cleaning work

Floating platform of plastic pontoons to perform works on cleaning the reservoir

Moscow region, 2015

Equipped pier for swimming on the sea

Equipped place of plastic pontoons for swimming in hard to reach places on the sea

South Of Russia, 2015

Oranienbaum Maritime festival

Berth for boats to the event Oranienbaum Maritime festival.

Saint-Petersburg, 2014

The mooring of the pontoons in the Yacht Club "Novo-rozhdestvenno»

Mooring fingers for mooring boats, with roller system.

Zhukovsky, 2014

Championship in water-motor sport

Our company Magic-Float was tasked to build a pier for easy and quick landing of pilots in the boat.

Saint-Petersburg, 2014

Floating farms

Floating farms and fish cages

Kyrgyzstan, 2015

Technical site

Floating platforms for carrying out special, technical works on water

World experience

The floating terminal

Floating pedestrian crossings of plastic pontoons

World experience

Buildings on pontoons

Floating sites for further construction on them

World experience

Dry dock berths options

Floating platforms with dry dock for jet skis

World experience

Berths for yachts

World examples of the use of plastic pontoons

World experience

Floating beach options

Floating beaches created from plastic Magic Float pontoons

World experience

The water sports

Sports ground

World experience

Floating platforms

Projects implemented on Magic Float pontoons

Russia, 2013

Plastic Pontoons Magic Float

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