Temperature rangeTEMPERATURE RANGE:+60 -70 С°


Buoyancy of the pontoonBUOYANCY OF THE PONTOON:376 kg/m2




Bright life afloat – modular pontoons "Magic-Float"

Modern and practical modular system – the basic components of modular types of floating platforms that must be supported. Using to use floating structures or having the need for their use in a variety of business purposes, many prefer a variety of floating systems due to their reliability, durability and ease of operation. The undeniable quality of "Magic-Float" appreciated by numerous clients of our company. Specially designed for different terrains, conditions and extent of the load, modular pontoons, which we offer, will help to create the most unique floating structures of any construction materials.

Universal use high quality systems

The modern course of life involves the active development of different activities not only on land but on water. In such cases, the use of modular pontoons are the best option, as our designs provide maximum reliability and stability of any structures on the water surface. Assembly and disassembly of these structures is carried out quite simply and quickly, what sometimes also happens is important. Options of devices for which the system can be useful are endless. The main types of structures of this type the water can indicate the following items:

  • Berths for different types of boats, water Park;
  • Games variety platforms/rafts;
  • The helipad on the water;
  • Piers and terminal;
  • Platform for diving;
  • Construction of shoreline barriers.

The big advantage is the fact that the installation of modular pontoon the original system does not need additional equipment and specially trained personnel. Simplicity and reliability are the main criteria of choice of our customers.

High quality for your peace of mind

Advantages of modular pontoons can also list quite a long time. It is much easier to try and assess how and prefer to do the bulk of our customers.

The modules that we offer are distinguished by wear-resistant qualities, thanks to the careful design of systems and continuous improvements. Conducted in different conditions of research and experiments helped to create an ideal product for use in all areas. Our modular plastic pontoons:

  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Wear-resistant and durable
  • Affordable in price

The original modular pontoons "Magic-Float" made from environmentally friendly materials and are capable of efficiently and steadily to keep the design even when strong fluctuations of waves. You can use them for any area that is necessary to build the design from small to Grand buildings.

Plastic Pontoons Magic Float

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